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Thursday, 6 September 2012

Malaysia Attractions For Holidays

Malaysia, one of the most beautiful places of Southeast Asia has come to be the top holiday destination for the tourist in today’s world. The glamorous city of Malaysia encircled with deep blue seas, water sports, luxurious hotels and resorts, dressy shopping complex, restaurants, beaches, is a perfect place to enjoy your holiday and creates a memorable moment in your whole life. There are numbers of tourist places in Malaysia which truly takes your breath away. It is one of the leading tourism all over the world. It has many sightseeing spots and attractions which truly offer incredible opportunity to enjoy the ultimate experiences. Malaysia offers you many places to explore, among which the few top places are such as:

Most visited Tourist Places in Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur

nightlife of kuala lumpur the youngest capital and one of the top destinations in Southeast Asia. It is famous for its Petronas towers and huge shopping malls at the base of the Petronas towers. It has a wide variety of attractions all around the city. The capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur attractions are much longer and surprising. The aquarium of Kuala Lumpur is the world’s giant preservation of thousand of marine species where a visit is must. Batu caves is also the another attraction located at northern part, nearly 11kms away from the city. It is hilly comprising three major caves and number of small caves around it. The temples of the caves are an important religious landmark of Hindus. Among all, cathedral is the most largest and popular in Batu caves. The art gallery cave and the Museum cave are the nearest attractions which gives a brief description about the paintings and their life styles. There are many more adventures around caves.


malaysia tourist places
Another name for Melaka is Mallaca and it is around half an hour drive from the capital city Kuala Lumpur. It is a small city in Malaysia which is full of eye catching sights and truly acceptable. You can explore the beauty of Mallaca also by walking around. The natural beauty is of no limits although being a small city it contains uncountable attractions. The beach of Mallaca is also the major tourist attractions and offers the magical islands. It has a multi-racial population including, Indians, Chinese, and Malays. A’Farmosa Resort is another tourist attraction, 24km away in north of Mallaca. The resort has a number of attractions like deluxe restaurants, water world and luxury hotels around Mallaca.

Cameron highlands

The boundless beauty of the hill offers you the delightful scenery of the tea gardens, strawberry farms, vegetable farms, and many walking trials. Your trip would be more complete by visiting the local tea plantations. The small hamlets around the highlands are fun loving places to stay. The walk around the mountains will be more exciting and enjoyable moment for the nature lovers.


It is the “Perl of the eastern Asia”, has uncountable attractions like Fort Cornwallis, which gives information of the Penang history as a British settlement. Kek Lok Si- the biggest Chinese temple in south East Asia. Leong San Tong
Khoo Kongsi-the most prodigal Chinese architecture of the early 20th century. Komtar is the Penang’s tallest skyscrapers from where you can get the panoramic view of the George Town. Sri Mahamariammam Temple is the oldest Hindu temple in George Town, Penang. There are many more tourist places which cannot be expressed in words.
Malaysia is the perfect tourist destination all over the world as it offers a large number of best places all over the world where, a visit is must.